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Hourly Based Laser Process Development

In some cases there are projects for which we cannot quote exact prices.  It may be a novel application which hasn't previously used laser micromaching or microfabrication. Additionally, the client may be in an early stage where there is uncertainty regarding the feature sizes, materials, throughput etc. required in their production application. Some parallels can be found in previous applications performed by PhotoMachining. However, the most effective way forward is to formulate a test with the client and performing trials in our applications lab on real word laser production systems.

For these situations we quote a job based on expected number of hours in the laboratory using a particular system or in some cases, multiple systems where power and pulse length may influence the results in a positive manner. This laboratory time is paid for whether the effort is successful or not. Laboratory efforts are usually followed by an applications report detailing the effort and the conclusions. More frequently the customer is present during the processing. We STRONGLY encourage customer visits to our laboratory as we have found that more work can be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time if everyone is present during the laboratory effort.  

We also do contract research, both privately funded and government funded. Privately funded initiatives are performed on behalf of companies seeking to improve their laser processing capabilities. Large companies use PhotoMachining to enhance their in house capabilities or perhaps to move in house laboratory processes to production level. Small companies benefit from having access to our large variety of lasers and metrology equipment without having to make large initial capital investments. PhotoMachining has had several SBIR contracts as well as other government contracts and sub-contracts (performed through larger corporations for the government end user). PhotoMachining is a Department of State ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) registered manufacturing facility.

Please let us know if our laboratory services can help you with your microfabrication needs.