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Research and Development Services

R&D efforts are usually billed as lab time per published hourly rates, but may also involve engineering time, hardware build, etc. Whether privately or government sponsored, these efforts usually involve detailed agendas spread out over some length of time and are tied to specific goals or deliverables. Depending on the funding source, some of this information remains proprietary, but in many cases (for instance SBIR’s that are not ITAR controlled), data from these efforts is published. PhotoMachining personnel are very active in publishing and promoting laser micromachining technology and we frequently partner with University, Government Laboratory and Business entities in our publishing efforts.  

Our scientists have been involved in a number of very successful government and privately sponsored R&D efforts and are ready to investigate new approaches to laser applications in manufacturing. 

Staff members of PhotoMachining take part in many activities and meetings of major professional societies and institutions, including:

  • LIA - Laser Institute of America
  • SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering
  • MRS - Materials Research Society
  • OSA - Optical Society of America
  • SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers